Helpful Tips to Find a Perfect Meeting and Conference Room in Dubai

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Helpful Tips to Find a Perfect Meeting and Conference Room in Dubai

While Dubai is home to some of the world's finest meeting rooms and convention hubs, finding the perfect one may prove challenging. Here are some tips to help you hone in on the ideal venue.

Familiarise Yourself with the Types of Meeting Rooms

Firstly, meeting and conference event organisers must understand the different types of meeting venues that are available in Dubai Every city offers business travellers a plethora of meeting hubs to choose from and these venues are often identified using different names, which also give an indication of its main purpose. In Dubai, meeting rooms are divided into training rooms, interview rooms, boardrooms, and banquet halls and the perfect venue for your function will fit into the first three categories as banquet halls are more suitable for celebrations and large-scale gatherings.

Location Matters

The next aspect to consider when scouting for the ideal meeting room is the location of the venue. Whether it's a conference room at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, one of the other meeting venues in Palm Jumeirah or a boardroom in a business hotel in downtown Dubai, the location matters. The best conference hotspots in Dubai are concentrated in some of the most commercial and touristy areas of town and with good reason, as these locations offer not only easy access to public transport options but also excellent shopping and dining venues.

Ease of Access

In addition to the location of the venue, the meeting room that one selects must also be accessible to the participants or attendees. When selecting a site, it is crucial to consider not only convenient access to public transportation and a trendy zip code but also the presence of parking spaces for drivers and wheelchair access for those with restricted movement.

Atmosphere and Design

Although the location is crucial, the venue's ambience, overall design aesthetic, and layout are equally important. Depending on the overall goal of the meeting or conference, it is necessary to secure a space that provides a productive atmosphere in which to hold the discussions. Look for obvious distractions in terms of decor and the location of the room in the hotel layout as well as any other design issues that may restrict the ability to accommodate presentations, brainstorming sessions and the like.

On-Site Amenities

Those who are on the lookout for a meeting room must keep in mind that whatever the venue is unable to provide, you will need to outsource to other vendors and thus stretch the budget for the conference in question. This is why organisers often prefer a venue that provides its own audio/visual aids and catering services, for example, as hiring out private vendors can be costly. Take the needs of your meeting into account and consider whether the on-site facilities are adequate to fulfil those requirements.

The Cost

Finally, it is crucial to find a meeting space that is within your budget. It is all too easy to get starry-eyed when scouting for the perfect meeting room and to settle on a venue that's too costly in a corporate landscape such as Dubai's. This is why one must only visit meeting hotspots that are affordable or within the budgetary limits set from the outset.