Zendesk VS Intercom: In-Depth Analysis & Review

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Top 14 Intercom alternatives and competitors for 2023

zendesk vs intercom

Intercom’s help center allows you to create and publish engaging articles around help topics. You can use its editor to effortlessly add images, videos, and call-to-action-buttons, wherever necessary. Intercom’s design and overall user-interface feel modern, intuitive, and quite easy on the eyes.

  • Its suite of tools goes beyond traditional ticketing and focuses on customer engagement and messaging automation.
  • Zendesk would be a perfect option for businesses that are searching for a well-integrated support system.
  • In addition to these features, Intercom offers messaging automation and real-time visitor insights.
  • You can also add apps to your Intercom Messenger home to help users and visitors get what they need, without having to start a conversation.

Zendesk offers a free 30-day trial, after which customers will need to upgrade to one of their paid plans. On the other hand, if you prioritize customer engagement, sales, and personalized messaging, Intercom is a compelling option, especially for startups and rapidly scaling businesses. In summary, choosing Zendesk and Intercom hinges on your business’s unique requirements and priorities. If you seek a comprehensive customer support solution with a strong emphasis on traditional ticketing, Zendesk is a solid choice, particularly for smaller to mid-sized businesses. As you dive deeper into the world of customer support and engagement, you’ll discover that Zendesk and Intercom offer some distinctive features that set them apart.

Different Criteria Used to Differentiate Zendesk & Intercom

Fin sets the new standard for AI in customer service, dramatically reducing support volume, unlocking 24/7 support, and delivering CSAT-boosting service. You need a complete customer service platform that’s seamlessly integrated and AI-enhanced. Intercom users often mention how impressed they are with its ease of use and their ability to quickly create useful tasks and set up automations. Even reviewers who hadn’t used the platform highlight how beautifully designed it is and how simple it is to interact with for both users and clients alike.

zendesk vs intercom

The software helps you to keep track of all support requests, quickly respond to questions, and track the effectiveness of your customer service reps. Intercom’s pricing can be divided into basic messaging and messaging with automation. For businesses looking for basic chat and messaging features, Intercom charges a flat fee of $59 per month for its Start plan with one user and $119 per month for its Grow plan with up to 5 users.

Intercom vs Zendesk: Which One is Right for Your Business?

The former is one of the oldest and most reliable solutions on the market, while the latter sets the bar high in terms of innovative and out-of-the-box features. Intercom, on the other hand, was built for business messaging, so communication is one of their strong suits. Combine that with their prowess in automation and sales solutions, and you’ve got a really strong product that can handle myriad customer relationship needs. Zendesk also packs some pretty potent tools into their platform, so you can empower your agents to do what they do with less repetition. Agents can use basic automation (like auto-closing tickets or setting auto-responses), apply list organization to stay on top of their tasks, or set up triggers to keep tickets moving an app available for both Android and iOS, which makes it easy to stay connected with customers while on the go.

zendesk vs intercom

Some startups and small businesses may prefer one app, while large companies and enterprise operations will have their own requirements. There is a simple email integration tool for whatever email provider you regularly use. This gets you unlimited email addresses and email templates in both text form and HTML. Help desk SaaS is how you manage general customer communication and for handling customer questions.

Pricing & Scalability

Intercom’s chat tool, also called the Intercom Messenger, looks quite modern and offers advanced features that many chat tools don’t have. In addition to this, Intercom provides your business the right platform to offer proactive support. You can use targeted messages to suggest quick tips to new customers or to simply update them about scheduled outages or changes in business hours.

  • When it comes to the design and simplicity of the software for customer use, Zendesk’s interface is somewhat antiquated and cluttered, especially when it comes to customizing the chat widget.
  • Intercom has a very robust advanced chatbot set of tools for your business needs.
  • You can also set up interactive product tours to highlight new features in-product and explain how they work.
  • This means the company is still working out some kinks and operating with limited capabilities.

No switching tools, no lost context, and no ticket backlogs—so your team can resolve complex issues faster. However, you’ll likely end up paying more for Zendesk, and in-app messenger and other advanced customer communication tools will not be included. Both Zendesk and Intercom have knowledge bases to help customers get the most out of their platforms. Although it can be pricey, Zendesk’s platform is a very robust one, with powerful reporting and insight tools, a large number of integrations, and excellent scalability features. So when it comes to chatting features, the choice is not really Intercom vs Zendesk.

What is the difference between Zendesk and Intercom?

Whether it is about organizing customer issues or communicating with team members, dashboards can make an impactful difference. As a leading cloud-based help desk software, Zendesk is home to many popular businesses such as Siemens, Mailchimp, Tesco, GrubHub, and more. The tool is extremely scalable and can be used to match your growing business needs. ProProfs makes it easier for you to get a pulse on what your customers want. You can share automated surveys to allow them to rate their support experience instantly. With CSAT and NPS surveys you can monitor and improve your customer experience.

With mParticle, you can connect your Zendesk and Intercom data with other marketing, analytics, and business intelligence platforms without any custom engineering effort. Zendesk started in 2007 as a web-based SaaS product for managing incoming customer support requests. Since then, it has evolved into a full-fledged CRM that offers a suite of software applications to its over 160,000 customers like Uber, Siemens, and Tesco.

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