11 Gorgeous Movies On Netflix That Do Not Even Have Any Sex Inside Them

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As a sex-positive feminist whom writes about film, I’m not opposed to thoughtful,
hot sex scenes in films
. Would In my opinion that “love” scenes get some phony and impractical, some times? Without a doubt. Ended up being we slightly dissatisfied to discover sex was not the same as
the pottery wheel world in


? Yeah, which was a complete drag. Performed that wet world from

The Notebook

make me slightly antsy the first time we watched it? You bet. However while you’ll find certainly issues regarding sex in film, i actually do appreciate just how movies can start discussions about gettin’ it on which makes many intimate identities apparent.

Intercourse ought to be an excellent, enjoyable part of some people’s everyday lives; why should we keep our flick figures from the equation? Hollywood is increasing the record in relation to
feminist sex moments
, but section of me wonders if a truly feminist film


for blatant depictions of sex on it. There’s often a fine range between hot and sexist, but there’s in addition this short distance between sex-


and sexist. Some motion pictures, though, show that it’s possible for a film to get steamy without wrinkled sheets. Remarkably, these 11
sexy flicks on Netflix
you shouldn’t actually feature an individual intercourse scene.


Jane Eyre

The 2011 retelling of this medieval relationship movie stars Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska because the challenging figures at center. Throughout the film, discover religious nuts, postponed kisses, minutes of deception, wedding proposals, causing all of the eerie factors you would count on from a Brontë adaptation, producing a wealthy atmosphere for your relationship between Jane and Rochester to unfold.


Grease 2

Genuine chat: this is a movie so bad it really is great. A lot of consult with no action, the film stars a new, leather-clad Michelle Pfeiffer and is stuffed with certainly unusual musical figures, including one about wild birds, bees, and pollen, and another in which bowling will get tossed around as a metaphor for gender.
Frenchie additionally helps make a brilliant odd appearance
as a beauty school dropout whom actually does get back to senior high school. I’ve found this movie sexy since it sloppily tries to end up being direct and “family-friendly” additionally; it is the display equivalent of awkward heavy petting, nonetheless it features a feeling of wit.


Pride And Prejudice

While i am unwilling to praise this story’s “he’s mean to you because he loves you” plot line, I also need certainly to acknowledge Mr. Darcy forced me to swoon as a 16-year-old. The scene in which the guy and Elizabeth Bennett dancing around a crowded ballroom and drop monitoring of everyone else nonetheless can make me personally soft. A whole lot water. Really self-control. Much brooding. *sigh*


Roman Getaway

What i’m saying is, come on, it is Gregory “no-nonsense” Peck and Audrey “Yes Nonsense” Hepburn on a freakin’ Vespa. It is adorable and enchanting.


9 To 5

What exactly is hotter than Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin obtaining large and exacting payback on their misogynist supervisor? Nothing, that’s what.


A League Of Their Own

Another second of genuine talk: a long time before I arrived as queer,

A League Of Their Own

was among the first “complicated” films I actually ever encountered. Geena Davis’ figure is a total fox. She is therefore tall, she’s therefore powerful, she appears therefore cool within her pink uniform, she actually is covered in lawn stains — i did not know if i needed become this lady or make-out with her. We nevertheless you should not really know.


Three Coins Inside Fountain



— This nice flick from 1954 informs the story of Anita, Frances, and Maria, three new buddies who take their own dirty really love life all-over post-war Italy. Gorgeously recorded in CinemaScope, “Coins” helps make the landscape a fourth fictional character inside narrative. While there’s no sex, there’s numerous attention candy, should it be Louis Jordan and/or structure.


Great Will Searching

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck typed in a local gay sex world
between two professors to test whether studios really browse their own program, the finished product is actually simply sensual. I actually do appreciate how Minnie Driver’s fictional character provides a good amount of agency during the movie, and it isn’t indeed there merely as an extra body on screen. How do you like




Frances Ha

Throughout the insufficient sex inside movie, star
Greta Gerwig told

The Free

in 2013,

We aren’t proclaiming that everybody else should be celibate, nevertheless have no need for a romance to perform a tale about a lady…The risk of gender will there be always, but she does not previously [have sex]. I may change, but I’m not actually interested in love and intercourse in movies at this time. I do believe its pretty well covered.

*drops mic*

10. Chocolat

Admission: I viewed this 1 again one other evening and discovered some really fleeting suggestions of gender. But, since this movie is just one of the few PG-13-rated types I happened to be allowed to see whenever I was a kid, i am such as it. If


moms and dads approved, there has to be countless chat no action.


Purely Ballroom

The introduction movie by Baz Luhrmann,


is actually a joyful mess of dancing, one-liners, and glittering outfits. I contemplate it among the best ’90s romcoms. Like other romances, however, the story practically relies upon the exhausted “take off your specs” trope, the spot where the female personality eliminates the woman eyeglasses, straightens the woman locks, and unexpectedly turns out to be a regulation chick (I view you,

The Princess Diaries

). But


prevents short of this sexist B.S. and permits each primary personality their particular complications and histories. 10/10!

Today, unless you mind, You will find some streaming to accomplish.