Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2023: Growth, Trends, Rates

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A book published in 2021 revealed that affiliate networks made £2.16 billion in the U.K. The worldwide revenue from affiliate marketing that same year was $6.5 billion, according to other affiliate marketing statistics. The affiliate marketing industry has flourished over the years and can do more in the years to come. Here are some global affiliate marketing statistics that show where the industry is headed. Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing aren’t exactly the same thing. Many influencer marketing campaigns are about promoting brand awareness rather than just sales.

The region’s increasing internet penetration and the growing popularity of e-commerce contribute to the industry’s expansion in Asia-Pacific. Several influential individuals have carved out a niche for themselves in the industry. Affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, and John Chow have built successful online businesses by leveraging affiliate marketing strategies. Their expertise and insights have made them influential figures in the affiliate marketing community. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, especially one selling physical products, you know that it costs money to get started.

  • With the increasing popularity of ecommerce, many companies are competing for a share of the market, making it difficult to stand out in the crowd.
  • On the other hand, Glassdoor’s data says that the average yearly earnings for affiliate marketers are around $66,000.
  • If you become an affiliate marketer, you’ll most likely make an affiliate commission every time someone makes a purchase after following your affiliate link.
  • Businesses will onboard affiliates who have a strong presence on different platforms and understand the unique nature of those channels.

Statistics show that software affiliate programs are among the most lucrative affiliate programs. Affiliate marketers can earn as much as 30% commission for every payment for software affiliate programs. However, it is one of the most competitive programs in the industry because of the high return.

80% of affiliate marketers track both their desktop and mobile sales. In most affiliate marketing programs, only 10% of affiliates are usually responsible for 90% of sales. Because of the way affiliate marketing works, brands only need to pay for advertising after affiliates generate sales for them.

How big is the affiliate marketing industry

Affiliate marketing has established itself as a significant player within the digital marketing industry, with the potential for further growth and expansion. The industry’s multi-billion dollar size, the dominance of key players, and the wide range of revenue generation methods showcase its prominence. As the industry evolves, technological advancements, emerging trends, and successful marketing strategies will continue to shape its future. As you delve into the world of affiliate marketing, you will discover its expansive scope and the endless opportunities it holds for success.

Building their own affiliate networks has become simpler for Indian businesses thanks to the rapidly changing social media trends and near limitless internet access. The increasing adoption of mobile devices has affected every aspect of digital advertising, including affiliate marketing. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to look for products online, and that’s where affiliate programs step onto the scene.

Instead of getting a commission based on the action (CPA), the affiliate marketer and the business split (share the revenue) the (lifetime) user spend. Travel affiliate programs are another lucrative affiliate program worth trying. For example, the flight tickets industry offers some good commissions. Based on the total order value, they can earn around 3% to 12% commission in the accommodations industry. According to an affiliate marketing industry report by AM Navigator, the most profitable affiliate programs are found in the fashion category. This affiliate program gives marketers access to Apple’s reporting data, which can be viewed through their linked podcast marketing activities.

Affiliate programs brought up to 15% to 30% of all sales for advertisers. Affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of the total revenue generated from online marketing. CreatorIQ asked analyzing affiliate statistics influencers about the ways in which brands compensate them for branded content. They also found that of brands who use technology partners, 57% deploy them as affiliate partners.

How big is the affiliate marketing industry

If you want to build a $10,000 a month affiliate marketing business, you need to be making money consistently. If you’re creating content and you’re getting traffic, you want to direct people into a funnel where you can collect their email addresses. Affiliate marketing offers a cost-effective advertising model for businesses.

How big is the affiliate marketing industry

Affiliate marketing is the top 2nd revenue generator for web publishers. Affiliate marketing spend reached the $6.4 billion mark in turnover in 2019. Also, in terms of affiliate earning, the industry is growing year after year.

Although influencer marketing and affiliate marketing will count as different categories in most firms’ marketing budgets, there is much synergy between the two types of marketing. Refersion has collated the revenue earned by affiliates in various product categories. Their latest data shows 209.72% YoY growth in the home and garden sector.

If you already have a successful website, affiliate marketing can help you make money by doing a lot of the same stuff you were already doing. You could even earn money by promoting Kinsta through our affiliate program. EMarketer surveyed publishers about their main sources of online revenue. Unsurprisingly, eCommerce topped this list, with 36% of publishers naming it their top online revenue source and 62% placing it in the top three. Second place went to Subscriptions and memberships (29% top source, 58% in the top three). Affiliate marketing, however, was also popular, and although only 9% of respondents named it their highest revenue source, 31% placed it in their top three.

Attending affiliate marketing events offers invaluable exposure to the industry. You get the opportunity to learn from experts, understand emerging trends, and network with like-minded professionals. Such events provide a platform for gaining insights and establishing relationships that can lead to successful partnerships and collaborations.