Gen Z Fashion: 5 Fashion Trends in 2024

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Generation Z’s unique style and bold personality have shaken the fashion landscape. Gone are the days of squeezing into skinny jeans and tight tops to achieve a petite silhouette (thank goodness!). Gen Z prefers comfortable and expressive clothing like loose-fitting jeans, crop tops, and oversized pieces.

Born between 1997 and the early 2010s, Gen Z accounts for 30% of the world’s population. With the oldest members turning 26 this year, the group has a purchasing power of about $360 billion in the US alone. And they prefer spending on fashion more than any other type of entertainment.

Gen Z values

The first step to understanding Gen Z fashion trends is to get into the minds of Gen Zers. The think tank Business of Fashion Insights partnered with Gen Z-owned consulting agency JUV to determine Gen Z’s habits and behaviors. They distilled the Gen Z demographic into 6 personality clusters: forgers, signatures, satellites, rebels, explorers, and idealists.

Each Gen Z personality cluster has a combination of core values. Let’s discuss how Gen Z’s moral code influences their fashion choices.

5 Gen Z fashion trends you should know about

From athleisure and elevated minimalism to techwear and hot pink Barbiecore, Gen Z is rewriting the fashion playbook. In the past years, the fashion industry has seen 3 major shifts: the move towards timeless (classic wardrobe pieces), practical and wearable, and circular fashion.

Let’s explore the current trends and how to incorporate them into your style or brand.

1. Sustainable fashion

Environmental consciousness is one of Gen Z’s core values and appears in their fashion choices and trends. A 2020 survey revealed that 66% of Gen Z shoppers are willing to pay more for sustainable or environmentally friendly products.

Any clothing or accessories made from recycled materials or following sustainable practices are a big yes. Check out Printful’s customizable eco-friendly products you can add to your wardrobe or online store.

2. Streetwear

Gen Z streetwear fashion trends are inspired by the ’90s and early 2000s hip-hop, sports, and rave culture. It’s all about wearing what you want, mixing styles, and representing inclusivity, diversity, and equity in fashion. A typical Gen Z streetwear outfit consists of oversized clothing, such as custom t-shirts, baggy pants, custom hoodies, and chunky sneakers.

Nike is one of the companies that have taken notice and are catering to the needs of young people. As a result, they rank at the top of Gen Z’s favorite brands.

3. Retro styles and nostalgia

Gen Z is bringing back ’90s grunge, ’70s boho chic, and ’60s mod aesthetics, driving the revival of vintage clothing. But they’ve added their own touch.

The cool thing about vintage fashion is that it doesn’t just give you freedom of expression—it’s also good for the environment. You can find vintage pieces at thrift stores, consignment shops, or yard sales. Or simply ask your parents if you can borrow their older clothes.

4. Y2K revival

Gen Z is bringing back the early 2000s style with a modern twist, and they call it Y2K. Think low-rise jeans, multiple belts, newsie hats, tie-dye tracksuits, neon prints, cargo pants, butterfly clips, and platform sneakers—all coming back from the dead. Y2K fashion is about being daring and adventurous, and it’s adaptable enough to suit anyone’s style.

Graphic tees, anything with a logo, and bold accessories are all game. You can find plenty of Y2K outfit inspo on social media platforms. There are many videos of millennials having fun with this trend by throwing Y2K-themed parties.

5. Gender-fluid fashion

Gen Z is at the forefront of the gender-fluid fashion movement, which embraces gender flexibility and inclusivity. Gender-fluid or gender-neutral fashion challenges societal norms of masculinity and femininity by offering clothing options that are free from gender restrictions. This fashion trend promotes unrestricted self-expression and undermines the dichotomous notion of fashion.

This movement isn’t just about fashion but about creating a more inclusive society. You, too, can wear gender-neutral clothing to support the movement. Choose companies with diverse sizes. Try defying gender stereotypes and remember fashion has no bounds.