These Were The 3 Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2018

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As a fashion lover, I can’t properly kiss 2018 goodbye without reminiscing about some of the biggest style trends of the year. From dad sneakers to biker shorts, these trendy pieces were everywhere and worn with pride by fashion gals. Before we usher in the new trends for 2019, take a look at all the It items that made their way into our wardrobes this year. And if, for any reason, you haven’t bought that bucket hat or pair of kitten heel mules yet, this is your final chance. After all, past fashion trends have a way of coming back, as you’ll see ahead.SOMETHING NAVY BIKE SHORTS

Least year, Chanel’s spring ’18 runway introduced us to translucent shoes and bags, setting the tone for PVC to dominate in the summer of 2018. From clear outerwear to see-through boots and bags, the ubiquitous material took over every fashion girl’s wardrobe.

The indomitable dad sneaker or “ugly sneaker” trend took hold of everyone’s wardrobes in 2018 (including mine!) and can be traced back to the release of Balenciaga’s triple S trainers. While at first a select few owned the coveted style from the luxury house, it wasn’t long before other retailers released their own iterations in every color under the rainbow. These chunky sole footwear outshone every other shoe. Dad would be proud.


In what seemed like something out of The Matrix, tiny sunglasses were everywhere all of a sudden. Kanye even declared them “in” and big frames out, telling Kim Kardashian to stop wearing oversize shades. Never mind that these frames were sometimes too small to actually shield your eyes from the sun, they were cool to look at. Every brand, from Prada to Zara, offered tiny frames in a variety of colors.


Love them or hate them, kitten heels were popular this year thanks to the fashion industry’s renewed interest in ’80s fashion. The shoe popped up on the spring ’18 runways of Miu Miu, Prada, and Tibi with street style stars immediately adopting kitten heels the following season. You couldn’t shop a boot or mule without seeing a version of it with this practical heel height.


Take a look at the street style from September New York Fashion Week and you’ll see a sea of suits. From lavender-colored two pieces to an orchid-printed blazer and trouser set, suits were the menswear-inspired outfit of choice for many influencers and celebrities. Even Meghan Markle hopped on this trend with a black Alexander McQueen suit earlier in the year, proving the two-piece is the new LBD.GUCCI BLAZERWhether you called them fanny packs or belt bags, this ’90s accessory, like the dad sneaker, enjoyed a style revival with the fashion community. Only now, the new way to wear it wasn’t around your waist, but slung across your body as if you were wearing a regular crossbody bag. Everyone from Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to bloggers wore their fanny packs like this.BROTHER VELLIES FANNY PACKBucket hats, like every other ’90s piece, found their way back into the fashion fold in 2018. The “I’m on vacation” toppers were big on the spring ’18 runways of Prada and Lacoste before trickling down to fast-fashion retailers, who offered the accessory in prints from florals to stripes. The bucket hat even comes in a fleece material for winter.