14 Real Life Chatbot Examples to Implement your Bot Strategy

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6 Conversational AI Examples for the Modern Business

example of conversational ai

By using data from past interactions and customer profiles, AI chatbots can offer tailored recommendations and responses, improving the customer’s experience and increasing their likelihood of purchasing. This level of personalisation also helps sales teams build stronger relationships with their customers, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business. The rise of chatbots powered by Conversational AI has allowed sales teams to improve their efficiency and provide better customer experiences. Conversational AI can help sales team’s close deals more efficiently and effectively by automating specific sales tasks and providing personalised support.

  • Dialog management orchestrates the responses, and converts then into human understandable format using Natural Language Generation (NLG), which is the other part of NLP.
  • They look for a consistent and enjoyable experience that’s fast, easy, and personalized.
  • Used in conjunction with an IVR menu, these bots ask the caller basic questions and they respond back and direct calls accordingly.
  • Constantly changing communication

    From languages, dialects, and accents to sarcasm, emojis, and slang, there are a lot of factors that can influence the communication between a human and a machine.

  • Eva holds more than 20,000 conversations every day with customers worldwide.

In the realm of automated interactions, while chatbots and conversational AI may seem similar at first glance, there are distinct differences between the two. Understanding these differences is crucial in determining the right solution for your needs. Conversational AI is quickly becoming a must-have tool for businesses of all sizes. Because it can help your business provide a better customer and employee experience, streamline operations, and even gain an edge over your competition. That customer engagement alone is a great way to start building leads and conversions, since it keeps the customer actively involved during their visit and has them engaging with the website.

What are some predictions for the future of Conversational AI?

These solutions allow people to ask questions, find support, or complete tasks remotely. Chatbots help contact centers to save costs significantly when businesses upgrade from inefficient IVR technology to AI. As per Chatbots Magazine, businesses can reduce customer service costs by up to 30% by implementing a conversational chatbot. Customers win because they get real-time, 24Ă—7 support, and businesses save on operational costs (staffing or infrastructure costs) and empower their support team to solve complex issues. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the user query and fetch the relevant information from possible sources, in zero waiting time. The utility of financial chatbots is growing y the day as customers now expect prompt services all the time.

example of conversational ai

This is achieved with large volumes of data, machine learning and natural language processing — all of which are used to imitate human communication. Conversational AI models have thus far been trained primarily in English and have yet to fully accommodate global users by interacting with them in their native languages. Companies that conduct customer interactions via AI chatbots must have security measures in place to process and store the data transmitted. Finally, conversational AI can be thrown off by slang, jargon and regional dialects, which are all examples of the changing nature of human languages. Developers must train the technology to properly address such challenges in the future. Artificial intelligence enables these tools to comprehend human language and conduct human-like interactions with customers.

Stronger data collection and consumer insights

And we’ll talk about how different businesses can use the various chatbots and AI systems.We’ll cover everything from Japanese teenage girl chatbots that become suicidal to intelligent ecommerce chatbot examples. Conversational AI is transforming the business landscape in unprecedented ways, and its adoption is only accelerating. As we’ve seen, companies across all industries are embracing this technology to streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve the employee experience. All in all, it’s no surprise that businesses of all types are eagerly adopting conversational AI.


Meanwhile, it’s important to avoid having AI become only a barrier for users to “game through” in order to reach a human agent quickly. NLP converts unstructured data into a structured format, allowing the AI to comprehend and understand human language. The AI continuously learns from these interactions, recognizing speech patterns, improving its responses, and enhancing its efficiency. It does this through extensive training using large-language models and machine learning algorithms to break down the components and nuances of the human language. There are three distinct parts to developing an effective AI chatbot with strong conversational skills. Mya systems (now acquired by StepStone) is a conversational AI platform and chatbot that helps companies replace old and long traditional recruitment methods by automating the hiring process.

The most basic difference between the two is that Conversational AI is AI-based and chatbots are rule-based. Chatbots are a form of software program that helps you have a  conversation with your website or business. Our passion is to create feature-rich, engaging projects designed to your specifications in collaboration with our team of expert professionals who make the journey of developing your projects exciting and fulfilling. Get a 30 Min free consultation to convert your dream project into reality. Now that conversational AI has gotten more sophisticated, its many benefits have become clear to businesses.

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Artificial Intelligence: How conversational AI Tools are disrupting loan collection space for fintech secto….

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Machine learning algorithms can automatically improve their performance as they are exposed to more data. NLP is the ability of a computer to understand human language and respond in a way that is natural for humans. This involves understanding the meaning of words and the structure of sentences, as well as being able to handle idiomatic expressions and slang. In this article, we’ll review five real-world examples of companies using AI in 2022. We’ve hand picked case studies that use technology like NLP, NLU, and machine learning. Like any other technology, the conversational AI platform should be able to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

Salesken’s emotion detection engine can identify your customers’ needs and help identify their satisfaction levels with reactive and proactive cues. Organisations are increasingly beginning to leverage the technology to improve their customer support, customer experience, instill team coaching, visibility into the deal pipeline, and more. Another fundamental component, human speech recognition technology, converts spoken language to text, allowing the system to process and comprehend the input. “Hyper-personalization combines AI and real-time data to deliver content that is specifically relevant to a customer,” said Radanovic.

Customer self-service keeps agents free to assist high-level customers, address more complex issues, focus on sales, and boost their productivity as a whole. Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an automated communications technology using Natural Language Processing and machine learning to engage in two-way conversations with human users. Conversational AI helps businesses meet customer expectations without increasing operating expenses, protecting customer satisfaction ratings by providing personalized support even in entirely automated interactions. Ralph quickly became the sole driver behind 25% of all of Lego’s social media sales and 8.4 times more effective at conversations than Facebook Ads — and efficient too, with a cost-per-conversion 31% lower than ads). We specialize in multilingual and omnichannel support covering 135+ global languages, and 35+ channels. With a strong track record and a customer-centric approach, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the field of conversational AI platforms.

Conversational AI 101: Explained with Use Cases and Examples

Unlike most of the chatbots on this list, Subway’s latest chatbot was neither deployed on Facebook Messenger, nor on their website. No, Subway’s latest conversational AI hit was deployed as a Google RCS bot – a relatively new messaging platform that aims to replace traditional SMS. Find critical answers and insights from your business data using AI-powered enterprise search technology. Conversational AI is also very scalable as adding infrastructure to support conversational AI is cheaper and faster than the hiring and on-boarding process for new employees.

A conversational AI bot is easy to reach at any time of day and can be organized to be available through a number of voice and written channels. You can even set up multilingual chatbots at a fraction of the cost that it would take to run multiple contact centers in different languages. As an example, say a caller tells a Talkdesk virtual agent that they’re calling in to claim a free product.

Benefits of Conversational AI

This can help sales teams prioritise their efforts and focus on the leads with the highest potential to convert. It involves breaking down a customer’s message into smaller parts, analysing them for meaning, and generating an appropriate response in the context of the conversation. For example, a tool can monitor online conversations, but a human can pick up on subtleties that a machine can’t. AI chatbots can handle multiple types of conversations and topics and use data to give the most accurate response. Clocks and Colours’ bot is integrated with the brand’s traditional customer service channels.

example of conversational ai

Conversational AI is used in numerous software, like chatbots, virtual agents, and voice-enabled devices like smart speakers. Another moment where your customers will prefer to interact with a chatbot rather than with a human agent, is to provide their degree of satisfaction. Communicate with your customers at all stages of the sales funnel and help them become more informed about your products and services. The software will be able to interact with your potential customers and present the offer, answer frequently asked questions and even close the sale. All this in an automated way and simultaneously to as many clients as your website has at that time. Interacting with a chatbot when this person is viewing your products and services on your website is an exceptional time to grab their attention.

example of conversational ai

In the past, mental health services weren’t the most accessible and there was no guarantee that the patients would receive the help they needed.

In the present highly-competitive market, delivering exceptional customer experiences is no longer just good to have if businesses want to thrive and scale. Today’s customers are technically-savvy and demand instant access to support and service across physical and digital channels. That’s where Conversational AI proves to be true allies for driving results while also optimizing costs. Even very good conversational AI tools currently are still best used as a complementary piece of your customer experience puzzle. In many industries, customers still want—and expect—to be able to reach a human when a complicated question comes up, and it would be unwise to completely cut out your agents.

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