How to Choose Fonts For Designs + Examples

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What this means is that your fonts need to work equally well everywhere you want to use them including in print projects, web projects, or digital publishing. Did you know that many companies use ATS software to filter resumés before they even reach a human recruiter? These systems scan for keywords and other relevant information serif webresources that is vital for the role (this is why writing to the job criteria is so important!). Some fonts, especially non-standard or decorative ones, may not be recognised by ATS, which means your application could be completely overlooked from the get-go. Stick to popular fonts to ensure your resumé passes through these systems.

  • These typefaces are more modern, bold, and great for eye-catching headlines.
  • Designers who want to refine their type selection skills can work on practice projects, such as choosing a new typeface for a well-known brand or a fictional project.
  • Go with fonts that are dramatically different, such as a serif and sans serif combination or a think weight and a slab.

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Plan Types

This is something Ran expands on this video on how to choose fonts. Be wary of trendy or popular typefaces that you see everyone else using. If you choose something too niche or close to the times when designing a logo, for example, you’ll find yourself having to redesign it after a few short years.

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Sans serif typefaces do not have serifs (the French word sans, means “without”). These typefaces are more modern, bold, and great for eye-catching headlines. One of the most popular sans serif typefaces is Arial which is a copycat of Helvetica. Our main brand fonts here at Flux are two san serif typefaces. can create so many fantastic cool fonts that will make your work easy thanks to the presence on social media platforms.

What matters when it comes to point size?

For headlines and subheads, you can choose an expressive, unique, even idiosyncratic font—including Display, Decorative, Handwritten, and Script styles. These unconventional, high contrast designs tend to work well in this context because their details and visual complexity help to attract the eye. If you’d like to use a sans serif font for short bits of text, especially in large sizes, the regular weight tends to look a little out of place. Now you need to just copy and paste these stylish text fonts on Instagram, Facebook, or any online social media platforms. For readability, serif fonts were once viewed as more reader-friendly in print, while sans serif fonts as more reader-friendly on screen. But most modern typefaces in both styles can work well in either medium, especially with advances in screen resolutions.

To avoid your design becoming outdated, include classic and well-known typefaces. Check out this fun article on 25 classic fonts that will last a whole design career. Just like choosing a color palette, it can be easy to get carried away with all the options available to use for your design. A good general rule is to stick to about 2–3 different typefaces total for a design.

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