5 SQL Certifications for Your Data Career in 2023

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Explore programs of your interests with the high-quality standards and flexibility you need to take your career to the next level. The main advantage of getting certification is that you will learn new skills
or upgrade or your skills. The Database Administrator job is ranked as

#7 in Best Technology Jobs (according to USnews.com, 2021). There are many tasks that DBAs perform, and the list of things DBAs do vary from
job to job.

Being a business person, we all know that our websites create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and this amount is increasing at an exponential rate. As per a research, more data has been extracted in the past two years. If you still haven’t decided between these two technologies, you can learn both of them at this stage. It’s quite easy to learn one type of SQL and then move into the other type, as most of it is the same. Learn both Oracle and Microsoft SQL, which can then help you decide which kind of database you prefer working with.

For Sql Server Dba Jobs

From a career perspective, certification in the use of specific platforms is also advantageous. Lastly, you will be responsible for rolling out updates and ensuring the database run smoothly afterwards. There are different SQL-powered database platforms, so update approaches and frequencies vary. Access management may fall within your prevue, covering users and apps alike. Staying on top of permissions and even structuring a permissions hierarchy may be necessary. If it is used internally for business apps, communicating and collaborating with colleagues is inevitable.

how to become a sql dba

From small businesses to globe-spanning organizations, SQL databases are a common sight. And for every database in use, an administrator is needed behind the scenes. It is also endowed with a similarly straightforward approach to syntax, just like SQL. Plenty of Python-related roles are available, so your career choices are extensive.

Simple Steps For How to Become a Database Administrator

Comparisons of benefits and perks provided by businesses will be part of this process. You can only accelerate your IT career as a SQL DBA if you know the industry. There are lots of ways to go about this, and speaking with experienced DBAs helps. sql dba developer By doing so you will know what to expect and get insider advice to avoid pitfalls. If you are already employed within a relevant role, your employer may offer SQL training. If not, you will have to pursue this yourself, on your own initiative.

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, Florida. Focusing on administration, security, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he is a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SQL Server since 2008. He served on the Board of Directors of PASS, was a founding principal in SQL Server Central, and created the SQL Saturday and SQL Rally event models. Another benefit of being a Database Administrator is that you can transition quite
easily to other Database roles if you want to. We already reviewed DBA’s salary above, but you can
see how
a DBA salary compares to other IT roles. Sometimes DBAs need to perform non-DBA tasks, especially if
IT Team is small and there are shared responsibilities.

Monitoring SQL Server Databases

You will still need to put your brain in gear and focus to build skills. You will also need to be willing to continue learning and improving throughout your career. AIS’s career services include an academic careers job board, an information systems and technology job board, networking services, and career development information. Meanwhile, New Jersey, Washington, California, Connecticut, and New York pay database administrators the highest mean wages. Still, aspiring professionals must consider the cost of living in major metropolitan areas when choosing their work location. CIS managers oversee IT staff, create technology goals, and install and manage computer systems.

LITA’s job-finding tool allows users to search for or post jobs by region. Given that I graduated college with over three years of work experience, I had no trouble finding a job. I literally walked across the stage on a Sunday and started my first post-college job the next day. I find the most rewarding aspects of my position here at WeWorked.com to be the satisfaction of overcoming the unforeseen challenges. Given that WeWorked.com is a bootstrapped startup, we literally come from a place where we could not give the product away to now hosting timesheets for Fortune 500 companies around the world.

When a potential employer sees that you’ve received a SQL Server certification, they can rest easy knowing you have the knowledge and skillset to do the job correctly and efficiently. So, certification is certainly worth looking into if you’re serious about becoming a DBA. Just as the term ‘doctor’ can refer to a wide range of specializations, there is also a wide range of sub-specializations for the database administrator role. The DBA we described previously is the most common—one who works in-house or on contract for an organization to keep their internal databases chugging along optimally.

how to become a sql dba