Chasing Recovery: Mikeys Story

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In that one week, Mikey attended funeral services not just for his father, but also his best friend, who had passed away previously from an overdose. While Mikey was growing up, his parents both had two to three jobs; they were doing their best to support their three children, of which Mikey was the youngest. Because his sisters were five and eight years older, Mikey began staying home alone when he was young—to his recollection, he was only six or seven years old.

  • So tell us the story of how this happened exactly.
  • And so as long as they hold sway over the House, no one can really govern it.
  • But there come a couple times where he encounters situations that he thinks will be too bad for the country.
  • But that’s not at all the way Matt Gaetz and this handful of Republicans who have become detractors of Kevin McCarthy view it.
  • Even the moderate members, the ones from districts in which President Trump is popular, were saying Kevin McCarthy is untrustworthy.

Mikey’s father wasn’t demonstrative or verbal about his love for his son. “I can tell you how many times my dad probably told me he loved me or was proud of me or one to two hands my entire life,” Mikey said. The Matt’s Off-Road Recovery crew is at it again, this time coming to the rescue of a Polaris RZR driver who had a very rough day. When the UTV went over a trail’s outer berm and down a cliff, it ended up beached and unable to get back up to the track. In cases like this, MORR is the first and only call.

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’ I don’t know why, but it just clicked. I mean, what you’re hinting at is the reality that this is now an impossible job. I mean, the story of Kevin McCarthy is of someone willing to endure 15 rounds of voting and an excruciating set of side deals and promises to become Speaker only to then lose the job in under 300 days. And for anyone else thinking of running for this job, the reality is now, if you upset eight of them within the Republican ranks, you’re going to be ousted. He has found joy in cheering up others and helping others, and has set a personal goal to become a peer recovery specialist so he can do both. “I want to help other people see that there is a better way, give them the opportunity,” he said.

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  • Direct donations, however, still may be made to the Rotary Club until the park is fully built.
  • That was something that meant a lot to me,” he said.
  • Matt’s Off-Road Recovery then joined in and used its audience to help gather resources.

After overdosing a second time on a pressed pill laced with fentanyl, Mikey made a strong effort to avoid opioids. After his second DUI, he was offered the opportunity to enter rehab. For Mikey, it was as if someone had thrown him a rope in the middle of a freefall. “My dad and I had a very up and down relationship my whole life,” Mikey said. His father, being a teacher and a coach, was tough on Mikey, to the point where the son felt he couldn’t live up to his father’s standards. For example, after a game, his father would give a general compliment followed up by a slew of bluntly honest feedback and criticisms about what mistakes were made and what could have been done better.

The Ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Most of the Republicans are voting with Kevin McCarthy. And it’s a moment of high drama in the House. Without objection, the previous question is ordered on the resolution. Mr. Speaker, my friend from Oklahoma says that my colleagues and I who don’t support Kevin McCarthy would plunge the House and the country into chaos.

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